April is the month we’ve been waiting for here in Goldsboro-Wayne County! The skies come alive for Wings Over Wayne Air Show on April 27-28th, and the smell of delicious BBQ is in the air as Pig in the Park feeds crowds of over 5,000 on April 6th. And let’s not forget the one-of-a-kind NC Pickle Fest on April 13th, where you can spend a weekend taking part in all sorts of pickle themed ‘dill-ightful’ activities!

So, in celebration of this special month we decided to share with you some weird and wonderful little-known facts about pigs, pickles and planes in Goldsboro-Wayne County. Because, we like to learn something new every day, and also – why not!

  1. Goldsboro-Wayne County is the third biggest supplier in North Carolina for agriculture – of which our pigs make up a sizable part!
  2. Mount Olive Pickle Company buys pickling cucumbers in six different sizes, meaning their farmers can pick them at various stages of growth.
  3. The first female pilot for the USAF Thunderbirds, performing this year at Wings Over Wayne Air Show, was one of our very own Strike Eagle Pilots from SJAFB. She’s spent over 10 years training, thousands of hours in the cockpit and proved once and for all that women can succeed in the air too.
  4. Mount Olive Pickles are the official pickle for Five Guys – we knew those sandwiches tasted amazing!
  5. Mr. Grady, of Grady’s BBQ in Wayne County, gets up at 3am every morning to tend to the BBQ pit and ensure that we have delicious BBQ to eat the next day. Now that’s dedication.
  6. Seymour Johnson AFB houses the largest inventory of F-15Es in the world. The F-15E made its first flight on July 27th 1972 and is likely to serve the US Air Force until 2025.
  7. To be included on the prestigious NCBS Historic BBQ Trail Map, there are strict criteria. The meat must be cooked on grates over pits with wood or charcoal. The proprietors must make their own sauce. The pits must have operated for at least 15 consecutive years; and the number of pits are limited to two in each town. Grady’s and Wilber’s both feature on the map – no small achievement!
  8. Mount Olive Pickle Company is the largest Pickle company in the whole of the United States – that’s a pretty big dill!
  9. Seymour Johnson AFB was established five months after the United States entered World War II, and the base is named in honor of U.S. Navy Lt Seymour A. Johnson, a native of Goldsboro. Johnson, a test pilot, was killed in an aircraft crash in 1941.
  10. For the first year that Mount Olive Pickle Company existed, which was 1926, the records indicate that all production was done by hand: the cucumbers were taken from the vats to nearby tables, where old coffee pots were used to pour syrup into jars. The company has clearly come a long way since!

So there you have it! Some Pigs, Pickles and Planes trivia to get you in the mood for the fantastic month of April!