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In The News

We think Goldsboro is pretty great, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Here’s what people have been saying about us.

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20Apr, 2020

Weekend Fun in Goldsboro

You’re going to find that there are always plenty of things to do in Goldsboro and that this isn’t your average Eastern North Carolina town. It’s got a small-town feel but this place packs a punch in the arts, history, and food. And honestly, these are just the start of what you’ll find here.

20Apr, 2020

The 4 P’s of Goldsboro

Goldsboro is in the heart of Wayne County, in Eastern North Carolina, and one of our favorite places to spend a weekend. The small town prides itself on the 4 Ps: Pigs, Pickles, Planes, and Poultry.

6Jan, 2020

Eat and Drink Your Way Through Goldsboro, NC

I went to this nearby nearly blind, not knowing what to expect. Nevermind the sites and great things to do there outside of cuisine, but I never thought I’d find myself amidst so many wonderful food options and restaurants in Goldsboro, NC. It’s foodie destination on the rise in a town close to home; it’s just about an hour southeast of Raleigh. Whether you’re a veggie lover or steadfast carnivore, there’s something for everyone.

29Oct, 2019

A Weekend In Goldsboro

From tucking into delicious barbecue with a view of Air Force jets to exploring a historic village on the Neuse River, we’ll tell you where to eat, play, and stay in this eastern North Carolina city.

30Jan, 2018

Downtown Goldsboro Is Flying High

Goldsboro’s downtown is poised for takeoff — boutiques, a taproom, and even a burger-and-sushi joint have all opened in the once-sleepy town center. From airmen passing through to longtime locals, now everyone’s got a place to be a regular.