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1106, 2019

The Maxwell Center Generates over $5 Million into Local Economy during First Operating Year

For immediate release:

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


The Maxwell Center Generates over $5 Million into Local Economy during First Operating Year


Goldsboro, NC – The Travel and Tourism Department for the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County, also known as Visit Goldsboro, has published an economic impact report on the first operating year of the Maxwell Center in Goldsboro. The purpose of the report is to determine how the Maxwell Center has positively impacted the local economy of Goldsboro-Wayne County. It reveals that during its first operating year, the Maxwell Center generated an estimated $5,313,960 of new revenue into the local economy from visitor expenditures.


The report is based on data collected from multiple sources. These include, the Maxwell Center’s internal reports for contracted events during its first year of operating, Goldsboro-Wayne County Travel and Tourism market research, and Visit NC’s 2017 Visitor Profile Study. Additionally, the Travel and Tourism Department collaborated with local hotels to document actualized room nights based on contracted events, to ensure the data was as robust as possible.


The Maxwell Center opened March 1, 2018, and in its first year of operating, has held 200 event days in total. It was voted The Readers’ Choice Award by ConventionSouth Magazine– ahead of 2,000 other venues, facilities and Convention Visitors Bureaus. A newly revised website for the Maxwell Center was recently launched at wwwthemaxwellcenter.com. For the next operating year, 145 event days are already on their books.


Craig Honeycutt, County of Wayne Manager, commented on the success of the Maxwell Center so far saying, “In the first year, The Maxwell Center has exceeded our expectations for event booking, attendance, and income. The venue is becoming a major regional destination for meetings, trainings and conferences. Wayne County is extremely proud to have The Maxwell Center.”


The report released by the Travel and Tourism Department also gives some deeper insight as to how the Maxwell Center has performed this year. It reveals that approximately 63 events held at the Maxwell Center have generated overnight stays in Goldsboro, the estimated total of overnight travel parties was 7,012, and the estimated hotel revenue generated from Maxwell Center events was $117,366.


Commenting on the fact that the Maxwell Center hosted over 50,000 patrons in total in its first operating year, James Wade Jr, Venue Director & General Manager of the Maxwell Center said, “Being the largest facility in Wayne County has brought many events to us because they outgrew other venues. Several events have been able to expand or even double their attendance. We have the ability to seat up to 1,000 at round tables of 10, or up to 1,800 theater-style with a large stage. Our rentable spaces include adjustable size ballrooms and classrooms.”


Ashlin Glatthar, Director of Travel & Tourism for Goldsboro-Wayne County added, “the Maxwell Center has put Goldsboro-Wayne County on the map as a meetings and group travel destination. The study demonstrates that this venue is an important asset to our tourism economy, generating new revenue that will help us continue improving the quality of life in […]

3005, 2019

Wings Over Wayne Air Show Attracts Crowd of 152,000 and Accounts for $6.4 Million in Economic Impact

For Immediate Release

Friday, May 24, 2019

 GOLDSBORO, NC – The Travel & Tourism Department for the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County, also known as Visit Goldsboro, has published a report revealing that Wings Over Wayne Air Show, held at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, N.C. has had another successful year. The reports showed that crowds of over 152,000 attended the Air Show, and the event generated over $6.4 million in economic impact. The report also showed that of these visitors, 70% drove more than 30 miles to attend, 35% were first time attendees to the Air Show, and a visitor from eastern Europe traveled the farthest for the event.

Headed into the 2019, the intent was to collect more event-specific data to better understand the impact of the air show on Wayne County and neighboring regions. The Goldsboro-Wayne County’s Travel & Tourism Department collected over 500 responses through online and on-the-ground surveys for the 2019 Wings Over Wayne Air Show. The responses helped provide insight on attendee demographics, effectiveness of marketing efforts, overall satisfaction, and the economic impact specific to the Wings Over Wayne Air Show for Goldsboro-Wayne County. Based on the sample size, the results of the survey reflect a 95% confidence rating with a 4% margin of error.

The detailed data from this year’s report shows the satisfaction rating for the Air Show was high, at an average of 4.33 out of 5, with 60% of respondents giving a 5 out of 5 for general satisfaction. The aspect of the Air Show that people liked best was the flying demonstrations, which were rated as an average of 4.83 out of 5. The headlining USAF Thunderbirds was the highest rated aspect for this year’s show. The most effective form of marketing was the use of social media with over 50% of attendees hearing about the event via social media platforms.

Delving into further detail about the economic impact of Wings Over Wayne Air Show, the report revealed that while the event generated $6.4 million into the Wayne County economy, over $5 million of this was new revenue sparked by non-local visitors, who reside outside of Wayne County. Non-local visitors were recorded as spending on average $165 per party for the duration of their trip, and the average travel party was 3.5 people. Since Wings Over Wayne Air Show is a free event, the spending averages refer to accommodation, food, drink, shopping, and gas in Goldsboro-Wayne County.

Ashlin Glatthar, director of the Travel & Tourism Department of Goldsboro and Wayne County, said “I am proud of our office’s ability to produce a more detailed report revealing how Wings Over Wayne impacts our Wayne County economy, how attendees heard about the show, feedback on their overall experience, and better insight on attendee demographics. It took a lot of work to gather the data, but now there is a more accurate benchmark for measuring and enhancing future air shows. 152,000 is a lower number than […]

1710, 2018

Sports Complex Ranked Best Soccer Facility in U.S.

For Immediate Release
Friday, October 12, 2018
Sports Complex Ranked Best Soccer Facility in U.S.
Goldsboro, NC — The City of Goldsboro is proud to announce the newly opened Bryan Multi-Sports Complex has been named one of the top rated soccer facilities in the nation according to Connect Sports.
“This national recognition reassures that which we already knew — we have one of the most unique sporting venues in the country right here in Goldsboro, North Carolina,” said Randy Guthrie, Goldsboro city manager. “It’s all thanks to the persistent efforts of Seymour Johnson AFB, the U.S. Air Force, and the generous sponsors, such as the Bryan Foundation. With their help, Goldsboro continues on its course towards economic growth and improved quality of life.”
Connect Sports is a senior leader in sports destination marketing and event management. From advertising to education, Connect Sports is the go-to source for improving the way in which sports benefits communities across the country.
“At the start of the project, the city didn’t set out to win awards. We just wanted to provide better services and amenities to our community in order to improve the quality of life,” said Ashlin Glatthar, travel and tourism director for Goldsboro-Wayne County. “Not only has the project surpassed its inherent goals, but the Bryan Multi-Sports Complex has clearly set a new standard in the industry as far as what tournament directors and athletes can and should expect out of a sports venue. It means a lot to us that a credible organization, such as Connect, recognizes the complex’s accomplishments.”
Five days after the grand opening on April 23, 2018, the City of Goldsboro and Wayne County United Soccer Club co-hosted the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) Kepner President’s State Cup, which brought in 50 teams and 1,700 visitors from across the state. The success of this tournament led to the bookings of two additional NCYSA state cups scheduled for October 27-28, 2018 and May 4-5, 2019, which will draw an estimated 50-60 soccer teams and 2,000 visitors per tournament weekend. The state’s Olympic Development Program (ODP) for youth soccer has booked the complex for several training events from November 2018 to March 2019 serving the athletes in eastern NC. Additionally, ODP will host a two-day soccer showcase on the first weekend in January 2019.
As the venue’s name suggests, the complex is designed for field […]

1207, 2018

Jerrod Niemann to Headline Free Concert at NC Poultry Festival

For Immediate Release:

July 11th, 2018

Jerrod Niemann to Headline Free Concert at NC Poultry Festival

GOLDSBORO, N.C. — NC Poultry Festival is proud to announce Jerrod Niemann will headline this year’s main concert stage on September 8th, 2018 in Downtown Goldsboro, North Carolina. Formerly known as “Beak Week”, the festival changed its name this year in an effort to grow the event and awareness of Goldsboro-Wayne County’s important poultry heritage. With its new name and fun additions, the festival stages will also feature free concerts from Diggerfoot, Hip Pocket, and the Mikele Buck Band, before ending with platinum-certified #1 country artist, Jerrod Niemann.

Our headliner, Jerrod Niemann, is known for his clever wordplay and attention-grabbing lyrics. Fueled by nearly a decade-long career, the highly engaging singer-songwriter dug deeper than ever before on THIS RIDE, his latest album featuring upbeat smash “I Got This,” uplifting duet “A Little More Love” (with Lee Brice) and romantic ballad “God Made A Woman.” Niemann topped country charts with his PLATINUM-certified multi–week No. 1 anthem, “Drink to That All Night,” from HIGH NOON – on which he co-wrote eight of the 12 tracks. The Kansas native first burst onto the scene in 2010, with his critically-acclaimed major-label debut, JUDGE JERROD & THE HUNG JURY, which skyrocketed PLATINUM-certified No. 1 smash “Lover, Lover” and GOLD-certified Top 5 “What Do You Want.” His second release, FREE THE MUSIC, included Top 15 “Shinin’ On Me” and poignant ballad “Only God Could Love You More.” From Academy of Country Music, Country Music Association, and CMT Award nominations, to headlining and touring with some of country’s hottest acts: Dierks Bentley, Brad Paisley, and Keith Urban, Niemann continues to make his mark by creatively pushing boundaries all while offering a sincere nod to the legends before him. Jerrod Niemann’s performance is made possible by the strong community partnership with WRNS 95.1, which is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year!

“In 2013, the City of Goldsboro began a renovation of Center Street in its downtown- this project known as “Street Scape” was completed in 2016.  In an effort to draw people downtown to witness the changes, many nonprofit organizations along with city departments joined efforts to create a signature festival that was available to residents and visitors. Being the home of major poultry industries, it was a natural fit for Goldsboro-Wayne Country to celebrate its long-standing poultry heritage with a festival themed in its honor. Hence, Beak Week was born! Or, as we like to say, “hatched,’” said Ashlin Glatthar, Director of Travel & Tourism for Goldsboro-Wayne County.

NC Poultry Festival is the new name, but “Beak Week” still lives as the nickname for the fun-filled week leading up to Saturday’s street festival. The main festival traditionally takes place the second Saturday in September. Coming back from the Labor Day holiday, Tuesday kicks off the poultry celebrations with a “Beak Week Beer Run” at Well-Travelled Beer, followed by a “Chicken Chase” 5K at Goldsboro’s newest greenway, “Turkey Trivia” at Goldsboro Brew Works, “Fowl Play Softball Game”, “PEEP Show” […]

2004, 2018

Athletes Gain Unique Playing Fields in Goldsboro, North Carolina

For Immediate Release

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Athletes Gain Unique Playing Fields in Goldsboro, North Carolina


Goldsboro, NC— The City of Goldsboro is excited to announce the grand opening of what has become one of the most unique sports venues in the country, the Bryan Multi-Sports Complex. The opening ceremony is scheduled to take place on the grounds of the complex located at 501 South Oak Forest Road on Monday, April 23rd, at 10 a.m., and the event is open to the public. The ceremony will entail a ribbon cutting, guest speakers, musical performances, a jet dedication for the F-4E Phantom permanent display, and a two-ship flyover by F-15E Strike Eagles. Alongside leadership from the city and Seymour Johnson AFB, special guest Mr. John Henderson, Assistant Secretary of USAF Installations, will be present for the historic occasion.  “The city has been working towards this day for so long, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help and persistent efforts of Seymour Johnson AFB, the U.S. Air Force, and generous sponsors, such as the Bryan Foundation,” said Randy Guthrie, Assistant City Manager.


In many ways, the multi-sports complex is the first of its kind. Randy Guthrie explains it is “the product of a joint P4 partnership between a military base and its home community. This P4 collaboration between the City of Goldsboro and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is part of a pilot project to share resources among government and private entities to reach common goals. The United States Air Force is leasing its land to the city to promote economic impact, and in return, the city has built a 2,500 sq. ft. addition onto SJAFB’s main fitness center. It’s a prime example of how positive collaboration between the Air Force and neighboring communities can strengthen the quality of life throughout the region.”


Located on 63 acres of Seymour Johnson AFB, the complex has six irrigated natural Bermuda hybrid and two artificial turf fields all installed on engineered soils. Currently, three fields are illuminated with plans to install lighting on all eight fields. Additional amenities include a cutting edge fieldhouse with meeting space and concessions, premium restroom facilities, paved parking areas, and a retired F-4E Phantom on static display welcoming visitors to the site. This aircraft was assigned to the 334th “Eagles” Fighter Squadron for its entire distinguished history from September 1977 to December 1990. This aircraft was the last operational F-4E to serve at Seymour Johnson AFB.


A custom splash pad, playground and covered picnic shelters are expected to be installed at the complex in the near future. “We wanted to make sure the complex caters to the multi-faceted needs of the community and visitors. The playground, splash pad, covered picnic shelter, and walking trails will make the complex a park and inviting for the public to enjoy,” said Scott Barnard, Director of Goldsboro Parks & Recreation.


“From the moment people turn into the complex’s main entrance and are greeted by an F-4E, we hope they are impressed by how well the complex characterizes […]

2501, 2018

Accidental Discovery of Black Soldiers Role in the Civil War Sparks Excitement in North Carolina

For Immediate Release

January 25, 2018



Goldsboro, NC— Over 150 years later, a lost piece of American Civil War history has been found that challenges the accuracy of historians and highlights the existence of a forgotten U.S. Colored Troop based in North Carolina—the 135th U.S. Colored Troop (USCT).


Amy and Jay Bauer, historical preservationists in Goldsboro, North Carolina, attended a history talk at the Wayne County Public Library in 2014. There, they learned of a rumor that Goldsboro was home to a union troop at the tail end of the Civil War called the 135th USCT. Simple curiosity compelled them to research the topic, but soon after discovering the 135th written in pension records at the National Archives, the Bauers realized they uncovered lost history.


“After three years of research, we’ve visited many of the gravesites, travelled to the Library of Congress in D.C. six times and tracked down several living descendants of these brave and honorable men” Amy said. She went on to say it was difficult to receive callbacks from historians. “Even when finally getting them on the phone, it wasn’t easy to convince them we proved the existence of a USCT that history completely left out.”


Hari Jones, professional Civil War historian and author, explains why this discovery has not been easy to accept for many experts. “This story means that the narrative promoted by scholars who have claimed there were no African American officers, no African American field grade officers, no African Americans in regiments other than USCT regiments, no USCT regiments marched in the Grand Review, and at least a dozen other false statements must be jettisoned for a new narrative inclusive of the many facts discovered by lay historians and genealogists.”


To build interest in North Carolina about the true role of black soldiers who fought in the Civil War, a research commission was organized in Goldsboro, NC by Amy and Jay Bauer. Its members include many of the living descendants of the 135th troops, along with prominent Civil War historians, such as Earl Ijames from the North Carolina Museum of History, UNC’s Dr. Reginald Hildebrand, Dr. Ben Speller from NCCU, and Dr. Malcom Beech from Washington D.C. The commission has gained strong support from the local and state community and has plans for a Civil War living history weekend on April 6-8, 2018 in Goldsboro, NC.


General William T. Sherman’s March-to-the-Sea, along with his March through the Carolinas, required the manpower to move more than 60,000 troops, consisting of ten miles of supply wagon’s, artillery, and ambulances. To accomplish this amazing logistical feat, General Sherman employed liberated slaves, and in March 1865, the 135th USCT was formed The 135th USCT consisted of 220 North Carolinians from Wayne, Lenoir, Johnson, Duplin, and Green Counties


“They had this opportunity, and they decided to be a part of the success of people coming out of slavery,” said Deborah Jones, and retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. and descendant of a 135th USCT soldier.


To celebrate and learn more about the heritage of the 135th USCT […]