Goldsboro is home to some pretty legendary BBQ and an exciting craft beer scene – so much so that we’re offering guided tours to allow everyone to experience the finest of Goldsboro brews and ‘cues, while learning some pretty cool stuff about all things pork and hops and meeting the men and women behind the magic. You can secure your spot at – come hungry!

To whet your appetite, here’s some neat little facts about Goldsboro-Wayne County’s brews and ‘cues scene that you might not have known. We love a bit of trivia!

  1. Goldsboro-Wayne County is firmly on the map as far as BBQ goes. Grady’s BBQ is featured on the Historic BBQ Trail that meanders its way through the state. Visitors come from far and wide to taste the legendary fare that Grady’s produces, and when you visit, you’ll see that the Historic BBQ Trail Map is proudly on their wall.
  2. While we’re on the subject of the Historic BBQ Trail, did you know there are some strict criteria for featuring on their map? Meat must be cooked on pits fueled by wood or charcoal, venues must make their own sauce, and the pit must have operated continuously for 15 years at least. No small achievement then!
  3. It’s no wonder BBQ is a big deal here. Agriculture and agribusiness are the leading industries for Wayne County and have been since the county was founded in 1779. So much so that we’re ranked 3rd in the whole of NC for agriculture income. And guess what – pig is a huge contributor to that!
  4. The origins of our much loved Eastern NC BBQ date a way back. Eastern NC BBQ is a vinegar based flavor – and while there’s no way to prove this, logic indicates that this is one of the original forms of BBQ. With no refrigeration available, one of the best ways to preserve meat in days past was to pickle it – and so the addition of vinegar wasn’t just tasty, it was smart.
  5. Which takes us neatly onto beer! Vinegar flavors and beer were made to complement each other perfectly, so it’s no surprise that the two go hand in hand. ‘American Craftsmen’ has been the name applied to both pitmasters and craft brewers – you can’t rush smoking meat, and you can’t fake fermentation. True art forms!
  6. Of all the BBQ traditions, Eastern NC whole hog is commonly seen as the most subtle, complex, and delicious. Beers that are too hoppy, sour, or smoky, would overwhelm the delicate balance of smoke, fat, meat and salt. Go for a smooth, slightly earthy lager that’s easy to drink on its own – the grown up equivalent of sweet tea. Head to Brew Works, Well Travelled Beer or Brewmasters to ask what they’d recommend to help wash down your ‘cue.
  7. Such is the number of brews and ‘cues places in Goldsboro-Wayne County, we’ve put together a map to allow you to experience the whole scene. Check out our Brews and ‘Cues map, set aside a weekend, and wear stretchy pants!
  8. The Three Eagles Beer Festival has run for 5 consecutive years in Downtown Goldsboro, as the ultimate celebration of locally brewed craft beer. This year featured more than 40 varieties of craft beer, all made with top quality ingredients. Combined with the range of food trucks, entertainment and the fact that proceeds of the event support local charities, it’s a must-go occasion for your calendar. Bring on the 2020 Three Eagles Beer Festival – dates will be announced in due course.
  9. There are some exciting new BBQ and Craft Beer additions coming to Goldsboro! We can’t spill the beans yet, but watch this space for some of your favorite Brews and ‘Cues joints Downtown. Yum!


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