WHY brew crew?

We want to get people excited about our Craft Beer scene in Goldsboro-Wayne County! Craft Beer is a big driver for tourism and we want to make sure any visitors coming to the areas stop and have a drink at your Totally Fly location. Also, we love supporting all of your local businesses!


It’s easy, just fill out the submission form below, at attach your beautiful photographs and we’ll take it from there! Think of it as an interview segment permanently on our website. If you need an idea of what we’re going for, click on the button below for a more visual representation of our goals.


Our goal is to have these published on our website for visitors to read, you to share, and media to use as material and inspiration for any stories they would like to write or feature on their publications. We also plans to write blogs and future social media posts with the material we receive.

We’re Visit Goldsboro, NC and we are the Travel & Tourism department for Goldsboro-Wayne County…

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The role of Goldsboro-Wayne County Travel and Tourism Department is to brand, market, and sell the area to non-residents as a preferred leisure, convention, and business destination to generate positive economic growth. From sporting events and group travel to supporting the arts and agricultural heritage, the department works closely with numerous public and private organizations and implements destination marketing strategies to drive visitor demand for local lodging facilities. Furthermore, the department strives to enhance the quality of life and image of the community making Goldsboro-Wayne County a great place to visit and live.


Fill out all the required information down below, hit submit, and we’re ready to roll!

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